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 New Stable Mate

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PostSubject: New Stable Mate   Tue Jun 10, 2014 8:39 pm

Sadly the WR probably wont hang around too long. Have her listed up for sale though it cant really move until yamaha gets my title to me. I will miss her but sometimes you just want a new toy. I will miss her comfortable seating position and super easyness to ride as well as the ability to take off down a trail. She probably wont miss hauling my fat ass though lol. On that note, under 6k rpms or so just farting along with traffic their power is actually pretty similar (partly due to gearing).

I really wanted an FZ09 but if I financed one of those the insurance would be almost as much as the note. Just wasn't in the cards.  This is a 2012 repo I picked up with 1500 miles on it and some goodies (Exhaust, speedo healer, and I dunno what else lol) for just a bit more than I payed for my leftover WRX.

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New Stable Mate
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