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 Wiring Diagram errors?

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PostSubject: Wiring Diagram errors?   Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:54 pm

A heads up on the wiring diagram and the legend for the wiring diagram (Troubleshooting section->Wiring Diagrams). That legend/key has quite a few problems if you're using it with the wiring diagrams (last section of the manual). It appears to be ok to use with the diagrams in the electrical system section of the manual - I have not checked it against them so YMMV. And as a side note, I haven't noticed any issues with the schematics in the electrical system section along with the legends that follow them.

As far as the wiring diagram goes, legend vs numbering in the schematics are messed up as early as item 6 in the legend. 6 in the schematic is the starter motor - not the starter relay as the legend says. This continues all the way to item 21. My guess is that item 21 in the schematic is actually the O2 sensor for those bikes that come with them (UK model?). Which oddly enough, puts the numbers back in correct alignment for items 22-47. Then we have item 48 in the schematic and my guess is that that one is the pilot light for those bikes that have them (UK?). This throws off the remaining items. In the legend 48 is the rear brake light switch - it is actually marked as 49 in the schematic.

If you want to correct that legend so it works with the schematics in the wiring diagram section, cross out item 6 (starter relay is not numbered in the schematic), then change numbers 7 through 21 so they are 6 through 20 (7 becomes 6, 8 becomes 7 etc). Add your own item 21 - O2 Sensor. Add your own item 48 - pilot light. Then renumber the original 48-59 so they are 49-60 (48 becomes 49 etc).

I hope I didn't screw up the explantion or miss anythig. There have been some posts where people wrote things that didn't make any sense and really made me wonder how they came up with what they wrote. In hindsight, what they wrote makes sense if they were using the numbering in the legend against the schematics in the wiring diagram section.

Of course, there may be different versions of the manual so this might not apply to one that you have.
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Wiring Diagram errors?
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