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 Keeping up with the big boys

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beer goggle


PostSubject: Keeping up with the big boys   Mon May 04, 2015 4:51 pm

With my '03 GS currently out of action my trusty WR was called up for duty this weekend gone. Plan was a 250km ride west of Istanbul, camp for a night & ride back so not quite a 'Home Before Dark' thread. Not a lot of pics, but that's cos I was having so much fun on the 'lil gal.

Set up was a spare Touratech rack from my GS zip tied to a DIY Ikea cutting board rack. I managed to squeeze my camping gear/clothes/bits & pieces into a 40 litre roll bag. Attached to that was a Kriega US 10 with spare tyre & tools. Also had a SW Motech enduro tank case for essentials.

Getting there I went solo cos I had sh!t to do and left late, like 4pm late for a 3-4 hour ride dunno I'd say about 30kms was highway, the rest was twisty back roads. En route...

I made it to the camp safe & sound, but the cutting board rack that the Touratech rack was attached to snapped....a well placed strap sorted that though.

The camp...

Somebody say BBQ??

Exploring the woods

Journey home was with Ze German contingency. The WR surprised pretty much everyone at how well it held its own in the twisties.

Mucky bike sits outside awaiting a good scrub

I've got quite a few bills to pay, but side racks have been added to my list of DIY projects/wants....along with SM wheels...larger tank...etc etc Very happy
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PostSubject: GS buddies   Tue May 12, 2015 4:12 pm

Hi beer goggle! Nice pictures, didn't know its yet so green in the European part of Turkey, only remember dry and rocky sights of Northern Greece.
And funny to see I am not the only Don Quichote who tried to mess with the Bavarian windmills on my little 250 donkey. Have a friend down in Bucharest with a 1200GS. Once we did a round trip Bucharest - Transfagarasan pass - dirt roads to Sigishoara - tarmac national road to Brasov and pass up to Poiana Brasov before we split ways again. Either side had to wait the other here and there depending on the ground situation of the section. But the real fun for me was up Fagaras pass south ramp on Sunday morning in best weather with the pass road stuffed with domestic tourist cars. No chance for the GS. 15 minutes taken off him in 70 km of switchbacks and potholes. No matter how good your riding skills, you just cannot split lanes between slow up going and oncoming traffic in switchbacks on a BMW GS. (Ok probably some local Romanian weirdos might even try it in their BMW X6, but thats another story...)
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beer goggle


PostSubject: Re: Keeping up with the big boys   Sat May 16, 2015 12:38 pm

Hey Vulture. Northern Turkey is very green pretty much all around black sea coast line. Further south is where it gets hot and dry, but there are a lot of forests along the Mediterranean coast too, with some awesome roads!!
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PostSubject: Re: Keeping up with the big boys   

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Keeping up with the big boys
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