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 Chain Monkey for tension adjustment

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Chain Monkey for tension adjustment Empty
PostSubject: Chain Monkey for tension adjustment   Chain Monkey for tension adjustment EmptyThu Mar 24, 2016 7:02 am

Anyone have any thoughts on this gizmo?

I'm thinking proper chain tension is more important on the WR250Rs than other bikes given the issues with chain guard wear. I might order one.
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Chain Monkey for tension adjustment Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chain Monkey for tension adjustment   Chain Monkey for tension adjustment EmptyThu Mar 24, 2016 12:07 pm

IMHO there wouldn't be a slider wear problem if WRR riders followed these common sense guidelines:

1) Install correct shock springs for the combined passenger, gear, and accessories carried on the bike.  The stock spring is intended for a 175 lb. rider without extra fuel and gear etc. (For reference see Race Tech's suggested spring rates on their website.)

2) Don't install a 12T front sprocket.  Smaller diameter sprockets put the chain closer to the slider and the tighter radius causes additional stress on the chain compared to 13T or larger.

3) Inspect chains periodically for excessive wear and stretch.  A chain's useful lifespan is over way before it comes apart or wears the sprockets out.

4) Use common sense if following the Owner's Manual instructions for adjusting chain tension, especially if you've installed aftermarket sprockets.  A properly tensioned chain on a 48T rear sprocket will not be the same distance from the swingarm measurement point as a chain with the same tension installed on a 43T sprocket.

5) Disconnect the rear shock or use straps to compress the rear suspension to verify sufficient slack is present when the swingarm is at it's tightest point (when the swingarm's horizontal centerline is aligned with the sprocket center points.)

The Chain Monkey sounds like a neat gadget but won't be much use if the above are being ignored.
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Chain Monkey for tension adjustment
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