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 9.5 hour trip, VA to NC, to GA and back.

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PostSubject: 9.5 hour trip, VA to NC, to GA and back.   Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:15 pm

Hey everyone, I am doing a trip from Ruckersville Va to Waxhaw NC to Roebling Roads Raceway in GA.

This will be my first trip on the WR and had some questions.

Besides basic maintenance..... How does this parts list sound.

Concept seats full seat (was thinking about getting a sheepskin for the seat)
3.1 gallon IMS tank
Flatlands Radiator Guard
Flatlands Skid plate (with foam along the frame)
Pivot Pegs
Skaggs Slim rack
Wolfman Tail Bag
Wolfman Tank Bag
Wolfman Number Plate Bag
DRD speedo healer (programed for the 45T rear)
45T rear sprocket with new chain
Zeta handguards
Zeta front Brake guard
Ram Mount for phone
Phone charger linked to Battery Tender
Crampbuster (throttle hand rest)
Rotopax 1 Gallon can (to go under the Tail bag)
Spare Innertubes and plug kit

I already have most of this on the bike and have done a few other things but those aren't relevent to this trip

Can anyone who travels alot think of anything else that I could use for a weekend trip? I'm not rich but within reason money isn't a concern.

I also have rain gear and cold weather gear. If I think of anything else I will add it.

Thanks everyone.
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PostSubject: Re: 9.5 hour trip, VA to NC, to GA and back.   Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:53 pm

Great list, and great exercise in preparation.

My suggestions:
- Tire pump (I use this one.)
- Pressure gauge
- Valve stem removal tool (I like the stainless valve caps with integrated valve tool.)
- Tire spoons.  I carry one each of this, this, and this, and removed the short heavy 22/27mm wrench from the stock tool kit.)
- Motion Pro Bead Buddy
- Depending on the characteristics of your particular tires you might also consider talcum powder and/or lubricant like dish soap to ease putting the tire on the rim. (Shampoo from your shaving kit will also work if you carry it on the road.)

A trick I learned from other riders: To save weight and space I only carry a 21" tube, which will also work on the 18" rear tire in a pinch (pun intended.)

If you don't want to lay your bike down to remove a tire you might also consider a trail stand.

I carry all of the above, along with tube patches and a small CO2 inflator kit, in a Wolfman Enduro Carry-All bag on the number plate above the headlight.  I'm rethinking the CO2 inflator lately, as I've never used it.

IMHO you should use the same tools to change or repair tires in your garage that you would use on the road.  If you're not confident you can repair a tire on the road you should save your money (and weight) and rely on AAA etc.

You didn't mention your own weight or the total weight of all the gear you're planning to carry, but here are a few things to consider.  The tire repair kit I described above with a single 21" HD tube and tools will weight about 6 lbs.  A 1 gallon rotopax fuel pack with mount and fuel will weight about 10 lbs.  The extra gallon of fuel in your IMS tank will weigh another 6 lbs.  The handguards, skid plate, and radiator guard you mentioned weigh around 8 lbs.  So that's 30 lbs. of additional dead weight in addition to you, your riding gear, and whatever else you plan to carry on the trip all packed onto a 250 cc bike with stock suspension sprung for a 175 lb rider and minimal gear.  At a minimum I suggest adjusting the rag sag (rear spring preload) for the total weight you plan to carry.  If you're an "average American" male in weight you might also consider putting a heavier spring on the bike.

I started with a checklist like yours a few years ago and after I bought this bike it eventually evolved into a spreadsheet with a column for item weight.  Now every piece of gear I pack or put on has a number attached to it in my head.  Not sure if that's good or bad.  (I asked my wife and she said it's mostly just irritating.)

Hope this helps!
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PostSubject: Re: 9.5 hour trip, VA to NC, to GA and back.   Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:30 am

you are all set!
water bottle,
ear plugs,

the 3.1 gallon tank should take you to 120 miles within refills.

Have fun!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: 9.5 hour trip, VA to NC, to GA and back.   Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:36 am

Thank you sir,   usa
Thanks for all the imput, it was received and relayed to my credit card LOL
I got the pump, and the front and rear axle-tirespoon wrenches, bead buddy, and a trail stand you recommended, they all looked like good ideas thanks!
I already have a small pressure guage and a valve stem removal tool in my garage.
I think for now I'll carry both size tubes and some patches.
The talcom powder is interesting I didn't think about anything for the bead of the tire.
I will be doing full suspension in a few months but not right now, I will up my preload and do my clickers and such before I go but otherwise, I'm sure she'll make it without falling apart to GA but thanks for the thoughts cause I already changed my mind on what "weight" springs and such to get because I wasn't ever thinking about the extra gear  thumb

I am def not new to bikes but I see I am very new to traveling on them LOL          baldy

Peace YAM
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PostSubject: Re: 9.5 hour trip, VA to NC, to GA and back.   

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9.5 hour trip, VA to NC, to GA and back.
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