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 1st time to Pismo Beach!

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PostSubject: 1st time to Pismo Beach!   Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:18 am

I recently acquired a 2008 WRX that has Shinko 244's mounted to the 17" wheels, and have been trying to ride it off road as much as possible.  I'm a relative noob when it comes to dirt riding, though I'm an avid mtn biker and have experience with street riding.  A chance to ride at Pismo came up, and even though I was a bit nervous having never ridden in that much sand, I was excited to try it.  And it went splendidly!  I was afraid that without sand specific tires, and the heavier than the average dirtbike weight of the WR, it would be a tough experience.  Even aired down to about 10 psi, things were rather squirrely.  I decided to take the risk and air down even further, to the point that my digital gauge would not read the pressure (though there was still some left, since air was still coming out of the valve).  The Shinko's have such a tough casing that I still was barely able to push down on them even at these extremely low pressures.  After this change, I was amazed at the difference.  It now felt like riding on dirt; I was able to stand confidently all the time and ride, and was able to turn where I wanted, even through the thickest sand.  It was so much fun, i couldn't bear to leave when it came time.

The experience at Pismo was fantastic, if you don't mind the sound of motorcycles and atvs all the time.  It is a wild place, almost like a scene from Mad Max.  The state does a good job enforcing the rules, but when you have that many rvs, atvs, and rednecks/yahoos in one place, there is no way it will seem like your standard quiet camping experience. I brought my 30 ft toyhauler and only managed to get stuck once :-).  Luckily I had done my research and had some plywood, towstrap, shackles, and a friend with a truck to help pull me out.  Camping right on the beach is a unique experience, one that I'll be hopefully doing again soon!

Sorry I don't have any pics of the WRX up close at Pismo, but I was the one taking all the pictures so I didn't get myself in any!  

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1st time to Pismo Beach!
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