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 GPR V4 stabilizer on a 7/8 handle bar

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PostSubject: GPR V4 stabilizer on a 7/8 handle bar   Tue Jun 28, 2016 4:16 pm

Can I fit a GPR V4 steering stabilizer on my WRRs 7/8 handle bar?
(By the way, my bar is not stock, I've got an aftermarket 7/8 bar.)

I know that basically the GPR V4 stabilizer requires you to have a 1-1/8 fatbar on your WRR,
but I've also heard that when you purchase this V4 stabilizer you can ask for some kind of a shim that can be used to fit the GPR stabilizer on a regular 7/8 bar.

Can someone please confirm this?
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PostSubject: Re: GPR V4 stabilizer on a 7/8 handle bar   Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:39 pm

I have a Scott's with SUB mount and fat bars, but I looked at GPR closely too before I bought it.  As far as I know GPR only offers a fat bar under-bar mount for the WRR/X.

That said, I don't see why you couldn't just put 7/8 bar adapters into the fat bar clamps.  The stabilizer won't know the difference.

Something like these BRP adapters might work.

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GPR V4 stabilizer on a 7/8 handle bar
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