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 Any more must have mods left to do?

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PostSubject: Any more must have mods left to do?   Thu Jun 30, 2016 1:33 pm

Hey guys, new to the forum. Figured I'd hop over here from other sites like ADVrider to a bike specific forum.

I've logged about 2300 miles on the bike, almost 100% are off road dual sport. I ride primarily single track, two track, and fire trails, but occasionally take the bike to work (37 miles pavement)

I'm wondering if there's anything else left I should be doing, such as TPS adjustments or CO adjustments. I've got some lurchiness I could get rid of with the TPS adjustment i think, but I have an FMF Power Commander. I'm concerned if I mess with the TPS or CO, it'll jack with my Power Commander settings, and short of adjusting the air fuel mixture, I'm not exactly sure how that differs greatly from the Power Commander -- as in, not sure what it'll gain me, if anything.

I've done the following mods:
FMF Power Commander
EXUP removal and bypass
AIS removal
Airbox opening, flapper taped down
Smog crap removal and cap off
Butterfly valve removal from stock pipe
Cut open pipe, removed catalytic converter, drilled holes in baffles, rewelded pipe.
Removed spark arrestor canister, installed simple spark screen. I assume this together will emulate an FMF slip-on without all of the weight reduction.
Twin Air filter
13-48 gearing
12 o clock labs SpeedoDRD

(all I can think of after a few years)

I haven't checked my CO settings or my TPS settings at all. One thing I do notice is that if I chop the throttle really quickly, I'll get the occasional backfire or pop. About one or two a ride. I ride in the high RPM range, don't lug often, and my low fuel light kicks on around 60-70 miles of hard trail riding, which I think is about average. I'm fairly certain my idle is high, but I can't say for sure. I just realized that apparently there's a built in Tach on the bike that I never knew about, so I can check that if I can figure out how to access it.

I'm wondering what other cheap/free performance mods if any I could be doing to get me that much closer to the perfect bike, or if I'm all but tapped out.

Bike runs about 90% how I want it to overall.

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PostSubject: Re: Any more must have mods left to do?   Thu Jun 30, 2016 7:23 pm

You lost me at "cheap/free"...   Very happy

Personally I like the low RPM torque enhancement of the EXUP, especially for creeping up tight steep trails.  It was designed as a performance enhancement, not a restriction.  It's too bad there's not an option for keeping it on when upgrading to aftermarket exhaust.

For off-road riding I prioritize suspension upgrades above exhaust and fuel programmer mods.  Lack of power with stock airflow hasn't been a performance obstacle for me but stock suspension has, especially the crappy stock rear shock.  I'm running a Race Tech suspension now and love it.  But the relatively heavy weight of these bikes makes it tough to keep up on all-day single-track rides following lighter weight blue, orange, or italian red dirt bikes.  My buddies are riding 60 miles of mountain single track in a day and I'm exhausted after 25 or 30 miles.  It's just too much weight to move around all day long.  (My 218 lb. Beta 300 Xtrainer is a dream in comparison for this type of riding.)

The on/off low RPM throttle jerkiness associated with EFI was a major pain for me for a while, especially when riding tight trails at slow speeds.  I've read that the PCV programmer allows you to tune most of this out, but am not sure if the FMF programmer will permit the same.  I solved mine with a combination of TPS adjustment and a G2 throttle tamer.  You can read more info here if interested.

Just my two bits.  Seems like almost every WRR/X rider has his/her own priorities based on their own preferences.
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PostSubject: Re: Any more must have mods left to do?   Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:50 pm

Knowing what I know now and know what type of riding I like to do with the bike I probably would not touch the motor at all except to get rid of some of that throttle snatchiness.

Setting up the suspension for me was a much better deal. Allows me to carry more speed so I am not constantly on and off the throttle and I just don't get beat up as much.

I went the full blown exhaust and airbox mods but not have pretty much put it back to stock. I too like how the EXUP works at low throttle inputs in tight terrain.
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PostSubject: Re: Any more must have mods left to do?   Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:00 pm

I have a hard time believing the exup helps the bike lug as its open when lugging anyway.
Theres a vid some wheres (I watched it a few years ago on this site) that shows the exup only closes briefly when getting on the gas in the mid range at about the speed and rpm they do sounds test at, its open at low revs.
The wr250r's exup is not like the ones on sport bikes that are closed at low revs and open at mid revs to help lowend tq. The stock efi mapping is set up for the exup tho so if your not running a programmer it runs best with the exup as it will be a touch lean at times without it but you have a programmer so your better off removing it like you did.

My bike has a fmf programmer, opened up air box and fmf Q4 pipe, my neighbors wr has a bone stock motor with the same gearing as me, my bike will lug up hills at low rpm in second that his bike wont, plus I out weigh him by 70-80 pounds. scratch

I bumped up my CO setting to 6 and my idle speed up to about 1900rpm on mine, this makes it less jerky and harder to stall off road.

I'd focus on getting good tires for your terrain and getting the suspension dialed in for the type of riding you do, I recommend a revalve for the shock, this is more important than messing with the motor. thumb
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PostSubject: Re: Any more must have mods left to do?   Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:04 am

I agree...I have a Q4 (Exup removed), EJK, flapper mod, AIS removed etc etc. and the ONE thing the EJK gave me was better low and mid power....I can definitely lug the motor much more (and usually a gear higher) now without complaint! The fuel controller definitely makes that possible and I would never go back to the exup set up.
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PostSubject: Re: Any more must have mods left to do?   Fri Jul 01, 2016 10:22 am

I did all of my mods at once, so I can't verify if there was a difference with and without the EXUP. I went from stock to everything, and was like oh yasssss wings

As far as suspension, i get tired after 30 miles or so too of single track, but luckily so do my buddies, even on their betas. lol. I've never changed the suspension on any bike I have, i've just dealt with it. I'm not sure what my settings are, but my buddy noticed my sag was about a half inch off. I haven't changed it yet. I don't know if I'm missing anything or not, but I try not to get too technical.

Short of adding a turbo or athena kit, i don't know what else I can do to the bike to get me more power except maybe a power bomb or mega bomb. I was just making sure I wasn't overlooking anything.

I love these bikes because they remind me of the YZ250 I had for 14 years. Very low torque until you crack it and when you do; hold the phone cause you're flying. It's not nearly as light, but it likes to pretend.
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PostSubject: Re: Any more must have mods left to do?   

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Any more must have mods left to do?
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