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 New to the forums, new WRR lover.

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Wood Dog

PostSubject: New to the forums, new WRR lover.   Thu Aug 18, 2016 7:38 pm

I don't actually have a WRR YET.

I live in PA, 45 minutes from the Chesapeake Bay. I guess I've been sheltered my whole life, because I'm 36 and have only recently gone to the bay. I went to North East, MD to be exact and they have this local park and a free museum that tells you about the history of commercial duck hunting. I have no real experience with boats or duck hunting, but I found it absolutely fascinating. Right next door, there is the Chesapeake Wooden Boat Building School. The place wasn't even open that day, but the name instantly sold me. I want to build wooden boats!!

Only problem? My only mode of transportation is Bicycle A (Surly Crosscheck SS) or Bicycle B (Stolen STS Ratima).

So... Having no car, I realized that I could rent a car, but this is going to be $50-70 a week (one day per week). I'll do it, but what if I could just get an economical commuter that would open up opportunities? So... I start researching motorcycles and find that the WRR is not only an economical commuter, but also the perfect SHTF vehicle. I'm a seasoned hiker/hobo camper/homeless, so the idea of having the freedom to be able to go almost anywhere on road or off is perfect.

I applied for financing for a new 2016 model for $6k. I applied for financing for a used 2008 model for $3800 with only 5k miles. I thought maybe I'd get approved, because I have about a 700 credit score, but unfortunately my credit history is fairly new (I just started rebuilding my credit about 8 months ago).


So, I just got a second job. I'm gonna work hard and save up and ask the Man to reconsider.

I'm so in love with this motorcycle though. It fits my lifestyle perfectly. The Surly Crosscheck is essentially the PERFECT dual sport of the bicycle world. It's designed for on and off-road, but the problem I have is I live nowhere near any places where I could ride to in order to go off-roading...

With the WRR, I can do everything I've ever wanted.

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bob in japan

PostSubject: Re: New to the forums, new WRR lover.   Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:29 am

Hey wood dog ,
Welcome and hope you get your bike . You will love it .
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New to the forums, new WRR lover.
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