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 Potential new Development on WR250R Options

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PostSubject: Potential new Development on WR250R Options   Sun Feb 05, 2017 11:34 am

I am a member on ADVRider.com and follow a couple of threads regularly.

I have always been fascinated with people who have the skills to significantly modify bikes.

One of the threads that I follow is by a guy who took a CRF250L and managed to fit a CB500X motor in it. For those of you who don't know the CB500X motor is one sweet little parallel twin motor. Torque curve as flat as a gymnast and very smooth.

By doing this he ended up with a nice light weight ADV bike. However, he did have to modify the frame quite a bit for the the CB500X motor and that is some what of a concern of his as he constantly checks his welds. He wanted to try his hand at another light weight DS/ADV bike to see if he could do something that would have better stock suspension (or at least is relatively easy to improve) and something where he would not have to cut up the frame (for a variety of reasons).

So he and a friend of his are embarking on building a new bike using the WR250R as the basis and it looks like currently they are planning to put a R3 motor in it. I have ridden the R3 and that motor is another sweet parallel twin. If things work as well as they think it will they will be bringing either the bike or a kit to market. Here is one of the posts in the thread:


we spent all night researching this project and just got back from the dealership with some preliminary measurements.

let me address my previous specs and your comments:

low seat height is important for this build because i know many people with small inseams that have been limited in their choice of dual sports.

however looks like i wont be able to go too crazy low on the seat height. 32" is just too low if you want any kind of usable suspension travel. my friend made a good point, high quality suspension does not need to have extreme travel. thus 10" of suspension travel with a 35" seat height would probably be more appropriate, not to mention more comfortable but more expensive....... perhaps i could offer two different seat styles. a "low rider" seat at 34" or a more comfortable seat at 35".

50+ state legality is very important to me. so i need to find a bike with a frame that has a removable lower sub frame, thus i can modify the lower sub frame but leave the upper main frame untouched. this would allow me to have a street legal bike with a new engine! ive already talked to a frame shop and they said as long as the main frame is not modified in any way you could slap a V8 in there if u really wanted too and it would be legal......

EPA certification is not as hard as people make it out to be, the frame shop i went too said as long the engine you put in has all the emission junk on it that came with the engine then you will be fine. ( catalytic converter, quiet muffler, exhaust air induction system, O2 sensor, etc, etc)

build specs (new estimated):

-aluminum/steel frame
-300 to 700cc twin
-around 320lb wet, or 300lb's wet assume all emissions junk removed. or 320lb wet (340lb wet with emissions for a bike with a 700cc)
-around 34-35" seat height
-21/18" wheels
-10" suspension travel
-11" ground clearance
-luggage capable sub-frame
-fuel injected
-87 octane
-12 to 16L tank
-10,000km+ service intervals
-front fairing would be an option, enduro look or rally look. rally /front faring would add about 20lbs to the bike

we have made our choice for the bike /engine.

the donor bike will be a wr250r, due to its light weight, street legality, good suspension travel, huge after market support, and most important of all steel subframe that can be removed and modified to accommodate a larger motor.
as for engine, R3 321cc twin. after making preliminary measurements it looks like the r3 engine being so compact would easily fit into the wr250r frame, in fact might even be able to use the existing sub frame as its that small of an engine.
as for serviceability, yamaha has a 42,000km valve servive interval.

300-320lb bike is totally possible. of course add 20lb's if people want a front fairing

the other option is the fz-07 engine. this however would be a very tight fit but still possible dimension wise. not to mention weight would increase to 320-340lb wet
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PostSubject: Re: Potential new Development on WR250R Options   Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:09 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Potential new Development on WR250R Options   Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:22 am

Once upon a time there was a WR250X (& if it was not originally an X it was once the build was over) with a Banshee motor in it. bow
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PostSubject: Re: Potential new Development on WR250R Options   Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:09 pm

Mods - I meant to post this in the General Forum and not the For Sale Forum. Not sure how to move the post or delete it.
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PostSubject: Re: Potential new Development on WR250R Options   

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Potential new Development on WR250R Options
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