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 [SOLD!!] FS: Warp 9 WR250X Dirt Wheels $650 Shipped

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PostSubject: [SOLD!!] FS: Warp 9 WR250X Dirt Wheels $650 Shipped   Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:08 pm

These are sold folks! Thanks to anyone who checked them out!

Hi Everyone,

I've got a set of dirt wheels (21" front, 18" Rear) from Warp 9 that will fit a WR250X or a WR250R that has had its front brake swapped over to be used with the larger diameter rotor that is standard on the WR250X. I picked up a '08 WR250X last season with the intent of riding on the street as well as in the dirt. The bike turned out to be in nearly perfect shape, and after I had ordered these wheels I decided I didn't have the heart to abuse it off road. I ended up getting a WR250F as well which has been thoroughly abused and enjoyed. I haven't used these wheels even once, and haven't even gotten to mounting tires to them.

They are brand new. Black rims, silver spokes, and silver hubs. The rear has a Warp 9 49T aluminum sprocket (also black) mounted. These wheels are just sitting here, and I would like to see them be used and enjoyed.

I'd like to get $650 including shipping (continental US only, sorry) for them. I'm located in Rochester, NY if you are nearby and would rather pick them up.



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PostSubject: Re: [SOLD!!] FS: Warp 9 WR250X Dirt Wheels $650 Shipped   Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:01 pm

I forgot to add...

These wheels could be used as a second set on a WR250R with a stock R front brake setup by simply swapping the large front rotor to a standard R rotor. The front hub and rotor bolt pattern is identical to the stock R hub.
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[SOLD!!] FS: Warp 9 WR250X Dirt Wheels $650 Shipped
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