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 bought used WR/R with PCIII, No disk and I have a Mac

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PostSubject: bought used WR/R with PCIII, No disk and I have a Mac   Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:29 am

Hi, first post here... Ive searched the net and haven't found an answer...

I bought an 08WR250R and it has an early PCIII installed and has airbox lid removed, FMF q4/powerbomb and K&N filter.

I do not have the install/software disk and the only computer I have with a disk drive is a Mac. I do have a netbook that is windows based but it doesn't have a disk drive.

Im about as technologically adept as a pinecone but so far I have tried downloading onto the netbook every applicable file on the power commander website but none seems to be the installation software. I receive an error message when I try and open the "firmware 2.3.2" file, which seems like it should be closest to the one I want.

I tried to run a windows emulator on my mac with no luck...

Im awaiting a reply from the tech dept at Power Commander, but Im not holding my breath. I will call them in the AM...

My questions are; Do I need the install disk? and Can I install the tuning software onto my netbook in order to tune on the road/trail?

Would it be less headache to buy a new tuner?

Any help or info would be great.

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PostSubject: Re: bought used WR/R with PCIII, No disk and I have a Mac   Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:27 pm

Dont need a disk.  You need to download the tuning software--that is NOT the firmware.  The firmware is the code the PCIII runs on.  If your PCIII is a USB (probably is) that is how the computer & PC talk to each other.  You cant tune on the trail unless you bring a laptop with you.

LEAVE IT ALONE.  You dont "tune" a PC willy nilly like you are attempting--especially if you dont know what you are doing (& you don't).  A PC map is created by setting A/F targets & letting the computer pick the trim values necessary to hit those targets while on a dyno.

What makes you thing you need to mess with it?  What makes you think another programmer would be better?  The only thing you should attempt to do is hook the PC to a computer to see the name of the map you are running or load a complete map suited to your mods. Save the map you are running first! for all you know it is custom created for your bike & is already the best match.
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bought used WR/R with PCIII, No disk and I have a Mac
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