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 Any forum members here from Japan? / knows to read Japanese?

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Two times

Two times

PostSubject: Any forum members here from Japan? / knows to read Japanese?   Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:51 am

Are there any forum members here from Japan? or maybe someone who knows how to read Japanese?

I would like to purchase this "Protec DG-Y04" fuel meter for my WR250R,
Link: https://japan.webike.net/products/21578418.html

But i am having trouble reading Japanese manual on a pdf file... (without Google translate)


Since I don't know Japanese - I won't be able to install this fuel meter... and in addition I am not even sure if this fuel meter will fit my IMS after-market fuel tank (with more than 2gallons stock capacity)?

Can someone help me with the translation of this manual?

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Two times

Two times

PostSubject: Re: Any forum members here from Japan? / knows to read Japanese?   Wed May 03, 2017 9:32 am

Well, I tried to translate myself the first part of this installation manual.

but as I said it is very difficult for me because I can't use google Translate (cos I'ts a PDF file).
So again: I would really be grateful if there is someone here who can speak Japnanese & would confirm the first part of this manual that I've translated myself (and will help me to translate the second part)...

This is my translation:

Attaching the fuel consumption meter,
1. Remove the seat and right side shroud.
2. Find the ECU coupler.
3. Find the target wiring connections.
power (red/white) #15
- (black) #34
Injector signal (red/black) #33

Meter wiring,
Red, 12 volts with the ignition on
Blue, Ground
White, Injector signal

4. Use the included taps to attach the wires,
meter red -> harness red/white #15
meter blue -> harness black #34
meter white -> harness red/black #33

The taps have stoppers on the opposite side from where you attach the meter. Secure the side from the vehicle on the side without a stopper, and secure the side from the harness to the side with the stopper.
(I think the verb for 'secure' here かしめる means you're clamping the wire in this orientation in the tap, but I'm not 100% confident)

5. Attach the handlebar mount to the left side of the handlebar. (Line drawing is shown as looking at it from the left side).
From outside to inside the drawing labels are,
Rubber sheet

(The last line on the diagram says to 'pull to tighten' and points to the end of the Band?)

6. Use the included double-sided tape to attach the meter to the mount.
7. Attach the 5P Coupler from the harness to the meter. Reattach the seat and shroud (and anything else you had to remove).
(The meter should be operational now?)

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Any forum members here from Japan? / knows to read Japanese?
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