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 Autotune causes Beeping sound on startup?

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PostSubject: Autotune causes Beeping sound on startup?   Fri May 19, 2017 1:30 pm

I just installed my second PCV because the first one didn´t work. Installed it, ran the bike for 5min. No Problem. Set everything up for the autotune and installed it. With the Autotune hooked up, I can hear a high pitch beeping after the fuel pump start. When I disconnect the Autotune it disappears. Seems like it comes from under the tank, but the Autotune itself isn´t connected to anything else than the sensor and the PCV, and the recommended 12V source.
I´m scared to start the bike because it made that noise the last time too, when the PCV broke.
Kill switch Off doesn´t change anything, same beeping noise.
Where does that come from?

Thanks for your help
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Autotune causes Beeping sound on startup?
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