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 Shopping in WA sate

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PostSubject: Shopping in WA sate   Thu May 25, 2017 5:09 pm

Hi WR's. Going through a bike transition, getting rid of a KLR 650 ('99) and a CRF 450R, and going to one bike, the WRR.
I need a dual sport to replace the KLR, but have a bike that I can ride slow with my young boys and wife on single track.
Ideally, I'd have about 100 bikes, one for everything. Since that is not currently a $ option... In my mind, nothing beats the WRR.
As soon as the 450 sells, I'll get the WRR.
Thanks in advance for all the tech and mod info previous users have documented and posted.!!

Cheers. freaky
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PostSubject: Re: Shopping in WA sate   Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:16 pm

From WA state as well and just bought new a WR250R. Took it on its maiden voyage to Capitol Forest last weekend. Wanted to ride it stock once before making changes to gearing and minor suspension adjustments. Pretty impressed on how it performed! Starting to think a lot of the neg. posts in various forums are rider issue not the bike, but then again I grew up riding an old XR250 which was a tank so I guess its all relative! Definitely needs re-gearing, I never left 2nd gear and could almost have done the whole ride in 1st gear. Awesome bike!!
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Shopping in WA sate
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