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 Soon to be WR250R Owner - Central Iowan

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PostSubject: Soon to be WR250R Owner - Central Iowan   Wed May 31, 2017 10:23 am

Hey everyone - thanks for sharing all your knowledge and resources to make this site helpful for newcomers like me.

I currently own a '12 Super Tenere known by Karson on the S10 forum, but want a smaller bike for more dirt oriented trips that I'll trailer out to. Being from central Iowa, we don't have the greatest selection of dirt/off pavement to choose from, so the S10 is great for gravel/dry offroad local and extended adventures. Once the rain and mud hits, despite all it has going for it, is a BEAST to handle. Rode the Trans wisconsin and the western part of the UPAT a couple years ago, and had to tip toe/walk the bike way too much. The S10 skates all over the trail when it gets sloppy.

Pic of the '14 S10 Rally in Arkansas

I'm still learning about the WR250R and all its in's and out's. Doesn't seem like much, if anything other than BNG's have changed since 2008? Also, seems like it shares the same valve check intervals as the S10 (26k miles). Overall, a bullet proof bike? I'll be outfitting it with racks for 5-7 day camping trips, likely upgraded suspenders, and maybe some power train improvements that don't sacrifice noise or eliminate the USFS spark arrestor. Will see once I get a few miles on it before going nuts. Before even sitting on one, I like Mark Sampson's approach to tweaking this bike.

Thanks again!
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Two times


PostSubject: Re: Soon to be WR250R Owner - Central Iowan   Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:43 pm

Valve check at 26.6k miles.
bullet proof engine indeed.
Lots of info here & on thumpertalk.com & on advrider.com.

Best dual sport I ever owned... by far.

Welcome to the forum!
Great photo BTW!
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Soon to be WR250R Owner - Central Iowan
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