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 Sold: Reduced: Near perfect Pro Circuit T4 exhaust and heade

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PostSubject: Sold: Reduced: Near perfect Pro Circuit T4 exhaust and heade   Wed May 31, 2017 2:00 pm

I am offering a near perfect Pro Circuit T4 exhaust and header. I have been very impressed with the much improved low and midrange torque with this combination. I have never been able to tractor up hills with the stock system. But with this setup, it was much more capable.

One of the primary reasons I purchased the Pro Circuit is that it has welded on attach points for the stock muffler and header heat shields. Something I very much wanted and have not found on any other exhaust. Works perfectly.

So why am I selling you ask? Well, I live out in the mountains of New Mexico. And amazingly enough, a local Kawasaki/Suzuki dealership decided to pick up the Beta Italian line. After some research I was "smitten" with the Italian princess bug and am now the proud owner of a 2017 500 RR-S. A truly amazing machine.

Sooooo, although I will still ride my beloved WR, mostly it will be used as a secondary ride for visitors....and the occasional adventure ride where I need to carry lots of luggage. With that intent in mind, and trying to get back a little money to pay for the princess, I have reverted to my stock exhaust and have put this baby up for sale.

You will note that the Pro Circuit is a premium piece and sells at a discounted price of $639.95 at Soloracer.com.

I will sell it for $400 +$25 shipping OBO. Paypal only please.

I know I don't have any history here. But I will be listing this item at several places including ebay. You can check out my ratings there under "mferring".  

Let me know if you have any question.


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Sold: Reduced: Near perfect Pro Circuit T4 exhaust and heade
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