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 Gear Position Indicator Installation Help

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PostSubject: Gear Position Indicator Installation Help   Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:28 am

Anyone have any experience installing an IDEA Gear position indicator?

I thought I'd try and save a couple of bucks and bought one cheap from fleabay and I've found the instructions to be a little less than helpful.

Here's a link to the one I bought.


The instructions say to connect it in line with the speed sensor coupler which I have done (albeit has messed with my speedo healer), then plug the red wire into a 12v power switch eg rear tail light which I have also done.

Here's where I'm a little stuck... Next it says to connect the green wire to the crankshaft position sensor (Pickup coil). I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for as the instructions mention that it should be located under the fuel tank. I'm getting the feeling that these instructions are pretty generic.

I connected it to what I thought was the right wire but I've not had any luck.

When I turn on the ignition the indicator is powering up correctly and showing an 'L' but that's about it. It's not learning the gears etc, nor does it know when I'm activating the clutch. This leads me to think that I have not connected the green wire to the correct location.

Any help would be hugely appreciated as the manufacturer of this product does not provide any support.

Thanks in advance  thumb
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PostSubject: Re: Gear Position Indicator Installation Help   Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:49 am

I bought that exact indicator for my FZ8. The installation instructions were fairly generic, but the set-up instructions weren't too bad. I can't quite remember at what stage the "learn" process failed but I remember screwing around with it for quite some time before I came to the conclusion that the indicator was faulty.
I contacted the seller and they sent another one without any hassle. (except for another 4-6 week wait time) I installed the new one, exactly as the old one, and it worked great.
I'm not saying that yours is faulty, but it certainly does happen.
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PostSubject: Re: Gear Position Indicator Installation Help   Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:57 am

Thanks for the reply mate. Don't think mine is faulty. Just that I can't find where to tap the green wire in to. I've got the speed sensor plugged in and working but not the rpm.
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PostSubject: Re: Gear Position Indicator Installation Help   Sun Oct 07, 2018 12:16 am

I just bought the same device, it's a Healtech clone and installs the same way

Follow this guide https://www.dirtriderz.com/topic/13117-installing-gear-position-indicator-on-my-wr250r/
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PostSubject: Re: Gear Position Indicator Installation Help   

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Gear Position Indicator Installation Help
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