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 chain snapped, how much damage?

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PostSubject: chain snapped, how much damage?    Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:32 pm

Hey all, so something finally went wrong with my little baby GAHHHH

Chain snapped at the lights and wedged itself between the front sprocket and swingarm. Sandman casesaver did its job however she didn't escape harm free. Took me a while to get the chain off, fairly deeply gouges on swingarm and the little protuding lower chain cover bolt hole on the crankcase cover snapped off by chain (just above where gear shifter).

Chain has been binned, am able to put the bike in gear and put her back into neutral, but I don't know if anything 'internal' has been damaged when the chain got wedged while in gear.  Aside from the broken sprocket cover bolt holder snapping off I'm hoping I've been lucky, any thoughts?

Would I be ok with two bolts holding the cover or should I try finding someone that can weld a new one on...or just buy a new cover ($85)? Same goes for swingarm, ok as is or new one needed?

edit...not sure why but the first pic is sideways and the other one is upside down...
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PostSubject: Re: chain snapped, how much damage?    Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:59 pm

Very similiar thing happened to me while on a 800 mile trip 1 week after buying the bike. In my case the master link (clip on) came undone and the chain wrapped up in the front sprocket. I was going about 45mph when it happened

Im my case the chain whipped the rear mud guard off but the case saver did its job also. I just put on a new master link and went on my way

Well about 1,000 later I let the clutch out in 4th gear and I can hear this chatter and feel a vibration. I checked all the external stuff like chain adjustment and clutch adjustment but had no choice but to pull the motor. I was missing 2 teeth of 4th gear pinion when I split my cases. Cost me about $300 in parts and slapped the bike back together.

The chain getting bound up in the front sporcket must have cracked the 4th gear pinion and 1,000 miles later the teeth fell off

I hope this doesn't happen to you but be prepared for it
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PostSubject: Re: chain snapped, how much damage?    Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:31 pm

Hmm food for thought. Not done anywhere near 1000 yet since it happened, but so far so good.

I'm hoping that the fact it happened on launch in 1st would have caused less stress than what you described in your case. Either way, if I do hear some odd noises from down there I'll have an idea as to what it might be thumb
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PostSubject: Re: chain snapped, how much damage?    

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chain snapped, how much damage?
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