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 Cutout under load?

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PostSubject: Cutout under load?   Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:54 pm

Odd issue I'm curious if anyone has any ideas for me beyond what I've done.

My bike has an odd form of cutout only under load that I cannot seem to resolve.

Bike runs perfect in any upper rpm range and just sitting it revs anywhere threwout as normal. If I am riding along and say im in 5th or 6th gear and start to slow down from 55mph to like 35-40 to where the bike starts to bog just a bit for that gear, if I twist the throttle to like half my bike cuts right out like as if it loses spark and 2/3 seconds later its starts to studder as if spark is in and out.

Sometimes this occurs in a lower gear when pulling out and getting up to speed, it has something to do with a specific amount of load but I cant put my finger on it.

I have changed fuel pump, ecu, tps, spark plug. Next I'm thinking of a coil but I hate to spend money on something that's not going to correct it but I cannot test for it as I'd have to be on a dyno to do so.

Anyone else ever have any issue like this or heard of anything similar?

I did find a loose wire in my pcv once but even after correcting that and starting with a fresh map upload it didn't change it. Not sure if maybe the pcv could have a bad spot in it for that certain load but anytime this cutout happens I can go right past the cutout to full wide open throttle and it clears out and runs as normal.

I haven't had the recall done on the stator yet but leaning towards doing that just to be sure its not that as well, I just haven't gotten around to doing that but don't see how it could be a factor.

I would like to unplug the pcv all together to narrow it out but I don't believe I can safely do that with having the big bore as i'll be running super lean on normal setup. Can I do this for a short run down the road without causing quick damage?

08 wrx with thumper racing 280 big bore kit installed, PCV with autotune, full fmf system Q4 and powerbomb, unit filter, 8k miles, 3000 on big bore kit.
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Cutout under load?
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