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 Stator recall/replaced - now leaking oil

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PostSubject: Stator recall/replaced - now leaking oil   Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:09 pm

Some time in the last year, my 2008 WRR has developed a tiny oil leak on the left side of the engine. Hard to tell where it's coming from, but it tends to puddle near the stator wire and/or base of the jug before eventually dripping down and getting blown around.

It just occurred to me this possibly isn't simple wear and tear. Last year, my local dealer replaced the stator under the recall that was sent out - and I'm guessing one or more gaskets or seals are involved in the same general area. So, perhaps old seals/gaskets were re-used, or new ones were defective or installed improperly - who knows.

I'll check with the dealer to see if they'll take responsibility, but it has been about a year since the work was done. I looked at a couple parts diagrams, and unless I'm missing something - it looks like there's only a cover gasket and the integrated rubber grommet on the stator wire. Gasket is #6 in the attached diagram.

Are there any other potential seals/gaskets related to a stator replacement I should be looking at?

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Stator recall/replaced - now leaking oil
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