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 EBC 280MM Oversize Rotor Kit OSX 6320: Beware!

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PostSubject: EBC 280MM Oversize Rotor Kit OSX 6320: Beware!    Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:08 pm

When I bought my'08 WR in early '09, my biggest gripe was the weak front brake. I know, it's subjective, but I like a powerful, immediate bite front brake. I first went with HH pads. Slight change. Then bought the QTM 270mm oversize kit. Better, but not quite there. Then I put on the X master cylinder thinking it has a bigger piston (different part#) and a stainless steel line. Another slight improvement. So, I've been riding it like that since '09, good, but it has not been where I want it. My CRF230L OEM setup is better than where my WR is now. I then put EBC 280mm oversize kit on my CRF and wow, it's perfect for me. So then I bought the same for my WR. Surprise, did not come with a caliper relocation bracket, despite it being marketed as coming with the rotor. I called EBC USA and they told me it should not have gone out as they don't have a bracket for it. So buyer, beware!

So, I just mounted EBC MXS 185 (not street legal) pads and I'll see how that is. If not enough, then will replace with EBC EPFA185HH road race pads. If still not there, then my only other option is to buy the EBC SMX6320 320mm kit.

Anybody out there with other options to improve the front brake? Beringer 4 piston caliper set up is pricey!! What's the weak link on that front brake? Basically same caliper on my CRF and it's great!

Yes, I've bled those stinking lines countless times.

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EBC 280MM Oversize Rotor Kit OSX 6320: Beware!
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