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 WRR wannabe a owner

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PostSubject: WRR wannabe a owner   Wed May 09, 2018 2:33 pm

I have heard so many good things about the WRR that I thought I'd ask some questions before taking the plunge. I have found a fairly good deal on a new '17 for around $5700 and will probably purchase it next week. Looking at purchasing a WRR to get back into off road riding that I haven't done since the 70's. I'm 59 and moved back to the U.P. of Michigan 18 years ago and have been riding on the street ('92 Vmax) but since selling my four wheeler I have missed riding the trails, I do get down some of the trails in my 4WD truck but it's not the same. Previous dirt bikes were a '75 DT250 and '74 YZ 250.
So a little about me, I currently weigh in at 300 lbs (225 lbs is normal for me) 6' tall but I do keep somewhat active but I need to be more active. I have a few friends that still ride dirt but it will be nothing like we used to back in the day, that's fine with me. It will be enough just getting up and down the ridges, through the sand/ mud and occasional gravel pit. Possible 2-3 day camping trips will also be on the agenda.
Q1) What suspension mods will need to be done to the rear and front for a 300# rider? I don't plan on doing big jumps, or riding a mx tracks but imagine I'll hit the occasional big bump on fast fire roads.
Q2) Mostly gravel/sand fire roads/ two tracks but still some pavement to get to some of the trails I would ride. What tires are recommended?
I will read through the forum to find what I need for the most part but thought I would ask a couple Q's and just to say hello.
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PostSubject: Re: WRR wannabe a owner   Wed May 09, 2018 5:47 pm

UPRider wrote:

I will read through the forum to find what I need for the most part but thought I would ask a couple Q's and just to say hello.

Welcome. I've been to the UP many times, camping and cross-country skiing. I'm originally from Minnesota but stuck in California for now. I envy you getting to ride there. There are many great posts/discussions here on suspension and I'm sure you'll get plenty of advice. I'm just a couple of years younger and about 225 w/o gear. Suspension was my number one mod for my 2017 because along with tires I think they are two of the biggest factors in how the bike handles. I went with GoRace based on their long history of working on these bikes and positive reviews. They are not cheap but having just finished the New Mexico BDR fully loaded with gear I was very pleased with the suspension. But that's me. There are great posts here about upgrading the stock suspension yourself, working with local shops, etc.

Enjoy the bike! I call the 250R a tractor because it isn't going to set any speed records but it lugs almost anywhere you want it to go, perfect for Midwest logging roads, back roads, etc.

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WRR wannabe a owner
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