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 Remember to change your spark plugs!! bike feels great now

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PostSubject: Remember to change your spark plugs!! bike feels great now   Sun May 20, 2018 12:53 pm

Whats up party people, 1st post here, I was having some performance issues with my 2010 WR250R 19,500 miles on the clock- bike has all the common power mods, Fmf PP, powerbomb & powercore hex, all the emissions and other nonsense parts are gone. I did some poking around on here and found quite a few people having the same issues as myself, a pretty mean bog when putting the motor under full load. I was having this issue mostly when cruising in 6th gear and i would give it WOT, or just if i would run through all the gears really hard. I played around with power programmer settings and that helped a little when i richened up the first 3 numbers to 8. But it was still lacking immediate throttle response and just seemed wrong. also the exhaust smelled like unburnt fuel which really led me to check the spark plug and coil. Sure enough my plug was pretty shot with and eroded electrode, not sure if its ever been replaced i’ve only had the bike since 18,000. Sent a new CR9EK in the hole, di-electric grease on every thing and WOW she purrs now, when i started it it started more rapidly & I had that sharp, snappy throttle response i expect and the bogging is totally gone. So if you guys are experiencing this i would inspect my plug. only took about 30 mins all together. On a side note, anyone in SD wanna go for a ride?
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PostSubject: Re: Remember to change your spark plugs!! bike feels great now   Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:41 pm

Thanks, reminds me I need to do this. I have over 17k on the original, probably about time.
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Remember to change your spark plugs!! bike feels great now
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