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 electrical/fuel gremlins

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PostSubject: electrical/fuel gremlins   electrical/fuel gremlins EmptyFri Oct 19, 2018 9:03 pm

Posted about a year ago with bad fuel pump, soon after bad stator. After I replaced fuel pump, dealer replaced stator all ran well and I thought all was good. Due to work I could not ride this past year like I used to, only had 40 miles on new stator and got the same symptoms on a ride; engine light on, no E start- had to tow it back home. Called the dealer and they gave me a new stator kit but I had to install this one. After the install the bike would start but only idle a few seconds, maybe 5 maybe 15, any addition of throttle would kill it. Fuel pump pumps fuel, stator and reg/rec still test good with ohm meter. I keep the battery on maintainer charge and retry every few weeks while searching web for answers. Finally tried ether and got it to run for longer time. Took injector out and it sprays with 12v applied, fuel rail is clean. I use ether again and get it to run longer but only if I constantly twist throttle, progressed to point where it would run at constant RPM. In the 2 minutes it took to do that the stainless FMF pipe is glowing orange. I run through the diagnostics and 30 or "ignition coil" makes fuel pump run, 36 does make the injector click 5 times. Still won't start without shot ether. Is ECU damaged by bad stator? I tried bypassing the Power Commader III and just use OEM ECU, no difference. Just about ready to sell for parts!
Thanks in advance for any advice!!baldy
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PostSubject: Re: electrical/fuel gremlins   electrical/fuel gremlins EmptySat Oct 20, 2018 3:59 am

My guess:

If it runs on a shot or starter fluid, it's a fuel delivery problem.

Was some kind of fuel stabilizer used before the bike sat for that time period?
Have you tested the battery on a bona-fide motorcycle battery tester (visit your local Yamaha dealer for that)?

What ever you find out when you solve it, please report back and post what the solution was.
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electrical/fuel gremlins
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