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 Yikes! Dirt in engine head?

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PostSubject: Yikes! Dirt in engine head?   Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:55 pm

I went to check my spark plug today and came across something I didn't expect. I removed the thing referred to as "the little goober" at http://wr250rforum.forumotion.com/maintenance-f2/spark-plug-t1443.htm (is that the ignition coil?) expecting it to be nice and clean in there, but instead found a small amount of dust and dirt in there. Is that normal, or is it a cause of concern?

The dirt must have been there for a while. I've only been on one ride that I can think of where there was a good chance some muddy water could have gotten up that high on the bike, and that was about a year ago. I don't imagine anything entered the engine cylinder, but I do wonder about the camshafts and valves, which I'm assuming are up there in that area.

I also noticed that "the little goober" doesn't have a perfect seal - there are small slots in the lips in the rubber (I'm assuming this is to allow for some degree of breathing), but it does look like it's designed to keep stuff out of there for the most part.

The bike seems to be running fine, but am I running on borrowed time? Thanks for any help I can get!
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PostSubject: Re: Yikes! Dirt in engine head?   Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:17 pm

I've never heard of a little goober but assuming you are referring to the ignition coil, that part is outside the engine and for all intensive purposes could be submerged without getting anything into the engine
There are only 3 ways into your engine
1) The intake
2) The exhaust
3) The crankcase breather (located in the air box)

The only way you can make a problem is if there is a lot of sand or whatever down in the plug hole and you remove the plug letting the crud fall in

There is a drain hole in the side of the head that you should keep clean so moisture etc can exit the area
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Yikes! Dirt in engine head?
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