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 The Main DualSportMaps.com Website Support Forum

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PostSubject: The Main DualSportMaps.com Website Support Forum   Sun Oct 23, 2011 5:27 am

Welcome to the new home of the DualSportMaps.com support area. NOT to be confused with the Android DSM utility which at this point retains it's home over in ADV in the vendor section.

Due to some philosophical differences, the DSM support thread over in ADV got moved into the vendor area. Where, in fairly short order, it promptly got buried many pages back, probably never to be seen again by users looking for information in the GPS/Mapping sections of ADV.

Being a GIS kind of guy who is really impressed with this tool CraftyCoder has given us for free, and not wanting to see it disappear into obscurity, I offered Crafty a home for DualSportMaps.com support here. We don't have any illusions or confusion that the DSM website is commercial, so providing a home to Crafty for support and future development was an easy decision.

The original DSM support thread remains over on ADV at New Mapping Site For Inmates if you want to read through the first year of discussion on Crafty's project and its metamorphasis. We'll carry on the discussion, flaws, suggestions for improvements, general praise, support, etc here until such time as Crafty may decide to move elsewhere.

I am going to leave this area open to guest posting for now. While we would prefer that you join our forum as a member before posting, I don't want that to interfere with people here purely to discuss DSM, having no interest in our most excellent WR250R/X motorcycles. However, fair warning: if we get a bunch of spam traffic appearing here through the "guest" accounts, I will lock it down to normal permissions that will require a person to be a member here before they can post.

For now it will take admin privileges to start a new thread. There was only one thread over on ADV, and unless that becomes too cumbersome, we will leave it that way.

Enjoy, and help to make this very useful website continue to improve.

Thanks Crafty!
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PostSubject: Re: The Main DualSportMaps.com Website Support Forum   Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:39 am

Dual sport maps website appears to be down and possibly closed. :(

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The Main DualSportMaps.com Website Support Forum
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