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 Balancing wheels/tires - Success!

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PostSubject: Balancing wheels/tires - Success!   Mon May 21, 2012 12:07 am

I was having a lot of vibration at speeds over 50 and it was extremely fatiguing to ride at regular highway speeds here in LA. I decided to try to balance the wheels. Wow what a difference! I used the balancer from Marc Parnes.

Front wheel was pretty easy and took 1 and 1/4 ounces (35g) total. I used stick on weights on the centerline of the rim. Not sure how well they will stay on when riding trails, but at least I answered my question about it being worth balancing. When I change out the front tire to get rid of the trailwing and replace it with a 606, TR8 or AC10 I will probably change to spoke weights.

For the rear wheel, I was not able to balance it at first because there was a rim lock. It was one of the aluminum ones and weighed about 13.4oz (380 grams), nearly a pound! I decided to try replacing the rim lock with two motion pro lightweight rim locks mounted almost opposite each other. The pair weighed less than the original single one by a few grams! Definitely lighter than a standard rim lock. Probably didn't need any rim locks but wasn't sure. So reinstalled the tire, Kenda K270, with a ultra heavy duty tube, both rim locks and was able to get the tire to balance with 1 3/4 (50g) ounces of spoke weights.

It was a good exercise in using the tools that I carry on the bike for changing a flat. It was EXERCISE! But I got it off, changed the tube, put on the rim locks, remounted and inflated in about 2 1/2 hours. Glad I know that I can do it. Just hope that I don't get a flat in the hot desert!

Riding today was awesome. I was able to ride the freeways at speeds up to 74 with very little vibration and the bike didn't wander nearly as much on the road and overall was much less fatiguing. For me it was unbelievably worth all the effort and $.

Does anyone have any idea on whether or not spoke weights stay on when trail riding, or if there is a good way to keep them on if prone to getting thrown?

Bottom line. The Marc Parnes wheel balancer was really worth the investment ($105 US) and I definitely recommend it. thumb thumb

It was also my first longer ride on my Seat Concepts seat and that was a dramatic improvement as well.

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Balancing wheels/tires - Success!
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