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 Michelin AC10

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PostSubject: Michelin AC10   Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:42 pm

As i venture into more technically challenging trails (to me at least), I decided to change into a more dirt oriented tyre to assist with stability and grip, than my Dunlop D603.

Michelin AC10 was recommended to me, as it was DOT approved.

Front 80/100-21 (same as stock and D603 ):
- Seems Narrower than stock and D603
- Road air pressure 19 psi
- Off Road pressure 16 psi

Rear 100/100-18 ( Diffrent to stock and D603:
- narrower but slightly taller than stock. bike height remains about the same, which is what i want.
- this size is recommended by my mech, as it will be a easier tyre to turn with, and is more suitable for a small 250cc.
- Road 24psi
- Offroad 18psi

Road Handling:
. abit twitchy on the front as is very responsive, took me a while to get use to it
. rear is also twitchy going over uneven road surface, eg, painted and slightly raised road signs
. Knobs does not collaspe , at is firm
. Overall, I got used to it after awhile, but sometimes its abit unnerving when the rear suddenly twitch over uneven road surface.

. Avoided riding in the rain, as other reveiwers has suggested that it is very slippery.
. Hoever, i have travelled on wet raod aft the rain, at reduce speed than normal, and it behaves like in dry condition.

OffRoad Handling:
. Good grip, turns easily.
. Seems to turn easily by steering with the front, and the rear will follow.
. Rear will grip up in dodgy situation, and saving me from a few spills.
. wide spacing of knobs, allows dirt to fling free, so lesser mud sticking onto tyres.
. Rear likes to dig, and i have been stuck in 2 really soft situation as it dug in. once on a river bed during water crossing, and the other time in thick soft mud.

. but riding in really muddy trail , seems much more controlled than previous D603.

Overall Impression:
. I like it, lets see how long it will last. Oh!, it can be turn over when the knob has worn down to use other side for one more ride or two, as it is directionless.
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Michelin AC10
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