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 So, Ive crossed to the darkside (R wheels)

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PostSubject: So, Ive crossed to the darkside (R wheels)   Wed Dec 11, 2013 11:30 pm

Well after 4200 miles on the X wheels and motard tires I finally traded a forum member for a set of shiny used R wheels. They have the stock trailwings on them and that's about to change. Whats the consensus on size for the rear? Is a 120 too heavy? Should I go with something not quite as wide? Thinking I'm going with the kenda trackmasters. I've also got a 49 tooth sprocket on the way and am thinking I may have went a little crazy, May need to order a 48 as I have a 2 mile hike down the interstate on the way to work.

Also, Id like to grease these wheel bearings. I found a link but the guy doesn't clean out the bearing? Is there anyway to remove the bearing from the wheel? How do you replace them when they are shot?

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PostSubject: Re: So, Ive crossed to the darkside (R wheels)   Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:03 am

The bearings are pressed into the wheel hub with a light press fit (AKA interference fit, where it requires some force to drive the bearing in or out of the hub).
Most riders won't remove them or even touch them unless they need to replace them.

This link shows a video that contains the basics for practically any dirt bike or dual-purpose bike (although a WR-250R or WR-250X doesn't use a bearing retainer shown being removed at the start of the video):


In my opinion (and experience), if you keep the seals that are outboard of the bearings, the collars (AKA wheel spacers) that go through those seals, and the wheel axle clean and greased, you will be surprised how long your original wheel bearings will last.
This means that the grease applied to these parts is what helps to keep dirt and water out.

The facts of life are that if you ride frequently off-road or anywhere you see dirt, mud, and moisture, the more often you'll need to clean and lube this stuff.
You won't need to do it every day (unless you sink the bike in the Willy Swamp every day), but you can't completely neglect it yet still expect it to remain in pristine condition forever, either.

Same for the swingarm pivot and shock linkage - plenty of YouTube videos to watch on that for the same reasons.
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So, Ive crossed to the darkside (R wheels)
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