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 WRWileys build-Surf Adveture Bike

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PostSubject: WRWileys build-Surf Adveture Bike   Sun May 31, 2015 7:49 pm

Hi, picked up a stock WR2015 last week.  Breaking it in now and am planning on setting it up to use as an around the world surf bike.  My initial use for the next few years will be desert and beaches due to my location, but as someone who drove a van around Mexico and Central America I want to be able to take this thing anywhere should the chance arrive.  I am 5'10 about 150 lbs.  I am more interested in getting everywhere so will focus less on performance and more on the standard armoring, etc.  As for style I am not a very aggressive rider.

You know what they look like (Ugh, hate that new bike look)

Hand guards/handlebars - need some help here.  Going with Highway Dirt Bike, I assume I should upgrade my bars to 1 1/8 while I am at it, also opens up the top clamp options from them.  I am going to try and contact them for bar recommendation/see if they still sell them as I have seen comments that they previously setup a some people with bars/guards.  If anyone recommends a certain bar/bend riser combo for my intended use feel free to chime in.

Bought the flatlands skid plate, going to add a layer to deaden the sound before installing.

Have the large IMS on my KLR and love it, so the 4.7 tank was a no-brainer.

Ordered the Cyclerack rear rack, planning on figuring out how to setup something similar to what this guy did once I get it:

Will also hang the wolfmans from the cyclerack

The carver surf rack will be attached to the rear as well, should work fine for local use, but will probably need to buid some better bars for when I drop the bike.
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PostSubject: Re: WRWileys build-Surf Adveture Bike   Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:41 pm

Would invest in a seat for sure. thumb
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PostSubject: Re: WRWileys build-Surf Adveture Bike   Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:53 pm

Yup, I dont think I can avoid that mod, comfort aside I am hoping a lower seat will let me leave the suspension where it is now, and still be able to navigate with my mx boots on.  I can handle it fine with hiking boots which are more flexible but I think it might be tough with the mx boots on pavement.  

A bit of delay on work, they sent the wrong rack from cycle racks, oh well mistakes happen correct one is on the way.  So in the meantime I changed the oil and painted the skid plate with plasti dip to cut down on the engine noise with the flatlands.  Still looks new  puke

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Jungle Man

PostSubject: Re: WRWileys build-Surf Adveture Bike   Fri Jun 12, 2015 1:19 am

eager to see it set up with a board. thumb
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PostSubject: Re: WRWileys build-Surf Adveture Bike   Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:02 pm

Sorry for the delay, finally making progress.  1st Cycleracks sent me the wrong rack, so I had to wait for that to take care of itself.  In the meantime I decided I wanted to give the moto-rack / cyclerack combo a try for a better solution to my wolfman bags.  Of course the moto-rack was about a two month delay.  Instead of doing everything else on my list I decided to do nothing, so now we finally begin.

Here are pics of where I am headed, anyone good at this stuff please provide better solutions as this is ok, but I would like something better.

Side view of Moto Rack.  I installed the moto-racks without tightening any bolts, and then installed the cyclerack.  I had to pull the cyclerack apart using slight force to clear the motorack on each footpeg, no big deal.  May get slightly longer ones to be safe but the bolts from motoracks seem sufficient even with the cyclerack.

Rear view shows profile of each moto-rack, as well as the quick release system I copied from a KLR guy.  I want to be able to swap cases between my motorcycles.  I could use some help here.  

Other side, same thing where racks share 1 bolt of passenger foot pegs, long enough and racks do not interfere with each other.

Moto-rack profile, sunk in on this side so there is overhang from the cycle rack.  I will follow up with the wolfmans mounted.

And the case.  This is a large Pelican case hopefully for extended trips into Baja Ca, and someday the world.  I also want to purchase a small case for weekend trips, utilizing the same system interchangeably.

This pic shows moto-rack profile, and the case setup.

For my test I used composite shelf as it was cheap and fit into my backpack, a plus when riding the bus.  I am thinking about a plastic cutting board type material replacing this for the final product as I saw someone mention it elsewhere, but do not know price, availability etc.  Any other suggestions on both what material, and how you would attach to the rack are welcome.

The wooden tracks are some composite decking material, found this method from "oldrice" KLR guy, he has a tutorial online somewhere.  Purchased the material and then cut some pieces down to 10 or 11 inches long, I cut enough for the wr250 and klr650.  Then cut those pieces down the middle lengthwise at 45 degrees, to create the dove tail.  

The plan is to attach the U-bolts to the rack, then cut them down with a dremel and gluing a rubber cap on each nut to clean them up a bit.  Can I do that?  It would be nice to instead of leaving them where they are, to move them over a few inches so they end up under the wooden track hidden out of site, but I am doing everything with hand drill and dont know if I can pull that off. The bolts that go through the wooden track, go through the composite board, and then through a scrap of the decking as well, which I will bolt the surf rack to.  I will also screw the rack to the scrap piece for more support, but it should be pretty solid.  

You can see the Surf Rack resting under the setup, I am going to wait to attach that until after the rest is in its final positions.  Should work fine, but I will need to drill holes into the surf rack as the carver opening down the middle is right on the cyclerack metal.  Will also need to test fit with the bags and see how far they stick out.  Its kind of limited in space so slightly worried, but I think it will work.  Thanks for any help to make it look less ghetto, but function is def my main priority.

I ordered some heated grips, once they come in I will install the HighwayDirtBike hand guards lying on my floor, and then then IMS tank.  Need to remove the canister since I have a CA bike before I can install the skid plate, but at least I am making progress.
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PostSubject: Re: WRWileys build-Surf Adveture Bike   Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:25 pm

With the bags, pucker up if your riding bitch.  Will pay attention to the straps when using it for real, looking at the pics I may need to go over the rack to get it away from the exhaust.

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PostSubject: Re: WRWileys build-Surf Adveture Bike   Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:38 pm

I'm looking forward to seeing how you set things up with the surfboard rack. I'm an old kneeboarder and would love to use my WR to explore the surf...
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PostSubject: Re: WRWileys build-Surf Adveture Bike   Sat Sep 05, 2015 9:02 pm

Yeah once I put the bag on the left side I got a little nervous.....
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PostSubject: Re: WRWileys build-Surf Adveture Bike   

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WRWileys build-Surf Adveture Bike
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