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 Front wheel install/Fork unbinding procedure

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PostSubject: Front wheel install/Fork unbinding procedure   Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:04 pm

Hey guys, I'm back with another 2008 wr250r. It's been about a year since I sold my last one, and I'm happy to be back

My last bike came with an owner's manual, this one did not. I downloaded both the service and owner's manual to pdf.

Looking through both manuals, I cannot find the procedure to ensure the forks are not binding.

I swear my '08 owners manual had a section on the proper sequence to check that the forks are operating smoothly. Either that or I dreamed it up...

I want to pull my front wheel and reinstall it properly, and make sure the forks are free'd up... but like I said I can't find the procedure.... it's sorta driving me crazy/ questioning my sanity.

I can find generic wheel install instructions and fork unbinding procedures but I SWEAR there was one for the wr250r in the manual :/
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PostSubject: Re: Front wheel install/Fork unbinding procedure   Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:14 pm

Install wheel axle.
Tighten axle nut.
Tighten fork pinch bolts on the left-hand fork leg.
Hold front brake lever while pumping forks up and down several times.
Tighten right-hand fork pinch bolts.
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Front wheel install/Fork unbinding procedure
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