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 Don't try this at home..

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PostSubject: Don't try this at home..   Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:32 pm

What a weekend...

Went to mount my 4.7 IMS tank (already have a 3 gallon but wanted more range) and was having problems pulling off the fuel line where it attached to the fuel pump. I decided to set the tank back on the bike and go grab my little tool for pushing in those sob tabs. As my back was turned some gremlins ran up to the bike and pushed my tank off of it. As I watched the tank bounce off the ground I realized it was no longer connected to the bike - yep broke the fuel pump outlet line. I actually was impressed with myself.. no swearing at that point.

Well I decided I would go ahead and mount up everything to see how it fits and I ran across some interesting things.

When I did the flapper valve removal I put a cap on the vacuum line nipple since I no longer needed the vacuum source. Well the tank requires a vacuum source and when I removed the cap it pretty much disintegrated in my hands. It was as if the rubber was all dry rotted and it has only been on the bike for about 7 months. Make sure you have a look at yours. I am pretty sure mine was leaking a bit.

The next thing I noticed is that I seem to have a hard contact with the IMS 4.7 tank and my Flatland radiator guard. Looks like I am either going to modify the guard or put the stock plastic one back on since I think the tank will take the brunt of a side impact. Also have a Moose Racing Guard that looks pretty stout when it comes to side impacts and I may try giving that one a shot.

For now I am waiting for my new fuel pump from Service Honda.

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Don't try this at home..
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