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 Is 1 hour "ON" enough to empty the battery ?

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PostSubject: Is 1 hour "ON" enough to empty the battery ?   Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:56 am

Hi guys, new to the WR250X, brought her home this weekend. It was an interesting trip which I will describe once I have put it all together with the pics I shot.

A short question. When I got the bike (2010 / 4500 miles) the battery was a bit weak. But then I rode her home some 250 miles and she started up fine each time I stopped, even after a wet-frosty night outside where I camped.

At home, while I was putting away my camping stuff, I left her with the key on the "on" position for an hour or so and when I wanted to start her up, the battery seemed completely empty. Not even some weak tries to turn the starter and the little warnings lights went off when pressing the starter button.

The bike is now in my man-cave on the charger. I will see tonight if the battery charged back to full.

I read in the manual that with the key on "ON" position aux light, speedo light, tail light and license plate lights are on. But these are small bulbs or led. Do they draw so much power that it empties the battery within an hour ?
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PostSubject: Re: Is 1 hour "ON" enough to empty the battery ?   Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:39 am

If battery was weak to begin with - then yes, one hour could be enough to drain it. Especially in the cold.

Do yourself a huge favor, buy a battery tender and use the pigtail leads so that you can attach bike to tender whenever you want. Regardless of weather, if my X sits for more than 2-3 days without being run, I put bike on tender. I still have original 2008 battery in mine. thumb

Also - get in the habit of using the key to turn bike on and off. I never use the kill switch to turn off bike. Key always.

2008 WR250X
Gearing: 13t - 48t
Power Commander 5 / PC-V
Airbox Door Removed - Flapper glued - AIS removed
FmF Q4
Bridgestone Battlax BT-003rs
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PostSubject: Re: Is 1 hour "ON" enough to empty the battery ?   Tue Nov 25, 2014 2:53 am

Thanks. I just thought that riding the bike for about 6 hours that same day would have given enough recharge.

I always use the key to turn the engine off, not sure why this time I used the kill-switch baldy Probably the urge to get off the bike - boy that saddle is a pain Very happy

Fixing a TECMATE-630082MDL plug is usually within the Top5 things I do to new bikes. Its compatible with my battery charger/tender and I can fix a 12V socket (TECMATE-TM-68) for phone/gps.

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PostSubject: Re: Is 1 hour "ON" enough to empty the battery ?   

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Is 1 hour "ON" enough to empty the battery ?
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